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Line 2 The Network Society in Portugal

Technical information

Research Team:
Gustavo Cardoso and António Firmino da Costa (coords.), Maria do Carmo Gomes and Cristina Palma Conceição – researchers at Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia (CIES/ISCTE)

Methodological support:
Patrícia Ávila

Research funding:
Serviço de Ciência da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

National survey based on a sample of the Continental Portuguese population, with 15 or more years old, developed between March and July 2003

Sample and fieldwork developed by MetrisGfK

1. Social profile of the Portuguese internet users [Statistics annex]

2. Practices and reasons for internet use [Statistics annex]

3. Technological equipments amongst internet users [Statistics annex]

4. Daily activities of internet users [Statistics annex]

5. Social relationships and sociabilities [Statistics annex]

6. Civic intervention and social participation [Statistics annex]

7. Identities and personal development [Statistics annex]

8. Authonomie project [Statistics annex]

9. Communicational practices and media [Statistics annex]

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